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After sale service, is the manufacturers, distributors to take the product (or service) after the sale to consumers, a series of to provide consumers with the Services, including product introduction, delivery, installation, commissioning, repair, technical training, on-site service, consulting, etc.. Intense competition in the market today, along with the change of the enhancement of consumers rights consciousness and the concept of consumption, consumers to buy products, pay attention not only to the product entity itself, in case the quality and performance of products of the same kind of similar, more attention to product after sale service. Therefore, enterprises in the provision of quality products at the same time, provide perfect after sale service to consumers, has become a new focus in the competition of modern enterprise.


LED lighting is an increasingly popular option for a variety of indoor and outdoor lighting applications, and the experts at Omega lights have been working with them since the first generation of high power LEDs. LED lighting products can offer dramatic improvements in performance and lifetime compared with existing technologies, while offering significant economic savings. Omega lights will you help maximize the value of this disruptive technology. We help our clients navigate the wide variety of product options to find the right solution for their application. Our services optimize performance while maintaining project budgets. The experts at Omega lights are here to help. Our lighting design & consulting services include:
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Collection of lights in calicut, LED and Solar LED lighting vendor selection
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